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Foraging Willet

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IMG_9082 - Copy

Willet at Fort Myers Beach

Pizza or Ice Cream Anyone?

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I loved this pipe sculpture in front of Olaf’s Ice Cream Shop in Pinecraft, Florida. Behind the shop is also a Pizza Parlor!! They do serve some great soft serve ice cream.


Nobody Looks Stupid When They are Having Fun

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Finger Lickin’ Good

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2016-01-07 19.07.19Fried Chicken and Baked Potato at Yoder’s Restaurant in Pinecraft, Fl.


Fish at it’s Best

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Enjoyed Walt’s Fish Market and Restaurant in Sarasota, Fl.

Enjoyed an evening out with some “Old” friends from Ohio, while in Sarasota. Besides the fellowship the Tuna Salad Bowl and Fish Platter were a bonus! Walt didn’t talk too much as I waited outside the restaurant for a table! Not sure if that is how the original owner looked or not! There was a menu onĀ his lap so we could checkĀ  out the options.


Flags on Buoys of Fishing Boat

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Coffee and Friends are the Perfect Blend

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