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Red, Green and Blue

WordPress reminded me that I have had this site for 13 years. I haven’t had time to upload current photos, so I reposted this photo! I had to think of the 13 year journey, and going down the road of life! Thanks to all of you who follow me, and sometimes give me comments. May you all have blue skies ahead of you, as in this photo! This lane belongs to a very conservative Amish farmer. They are not allowed to have gravel on the lane! I suspect in the Spring it will turn into mud! I guess we each need to choose how minimalist we want to be.

New York Autumn

I thought the red and blue added something of color, and of interest in the above photo!

Colors of Spring

Flowers in our Flower Beds


Ship at Sea

On the Mediterranean!

Laying Idle

Either the children were were called to lunch, or else they found some other item to play with!


“Screamin’ Reels” sounds like the appropriate name or a boat, whose passengers are very successful in bringing in their limit of fish! This was at Point Breeze, New York, on the shores of Lake Ontario.

Braids and Blue Ribbon



Black and Blue