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During this slow time in my taxi work, and doing rep work for a mattress company, I have done quite a bit of painting. Basically re-doing some rooms in our home, and also found time to paint three of my latest carvings.

Thumbs Up

Our Bus Driver


Likely a water line under the sidewalk,

Vine Enhances Pitcher

I noticed this nice piece of pottery in our hotel in Jinotega, Nicaragua.

We decided to put this home-stay quiet time to work! Many areas of our home getting a fresh coat of paint, or varnish! Below, see one example, with the original dull green replaced with two colors.

Two Surprising Delights

I stood in amazement in our Kitchen last evening, and gazed to the West! Wow, I saw the sunset. I think it may be the first time, I saw a sunset from within our house. There are houses west of us, and a good part of the town. Somehow with the change of seasons, the sunset was lined up, so I could see it from the kitchen, looking through the dining room window. Included in the photo would be the iconic town clock of the town square, and a rickshaw, an iconic figure of Bangladesh, where we spent 8.5 years of our lives. I suspect that last sentence, was a “run-on sentence!”

The second delight was to see two Carolina Wrens at our window feeder at the same time. This photo was taken on our clothes line pole, at some other time.

This is a view of our window feeder, with a house finch peeking around the side, to get a better view of the photographer!

International Haiku Day

april in Ohio

we see all kinds of weather

today it snowed!

I decided to try to write a haiku, since it was International Haiku Day. I confess, the photo was from this previous winter. Today’s snow was a nice dusting, which was mostly gone by 10 am.

The photographer, couldn’t hide! Oh, not quite true, as I could have taken the photo from a different angle! Have a good day.

Old Tractors

Now, that is a load of antique tractors!