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Enjoy the Flight

No little people were hurt during this photoshoot! And yes, it wasn’t a flight only a drive in my minivan. He was one of my customers. His Aunt stuck him in the seat, and took my camera and took this shot for fun. And yes, he was moved to his car seat in the rear for the “flight!”


Plowed field in the foreground of this farm homestead. I saw two young girls plowing their fields with a team of horses.


Happy Easter

A Tazi Brothers Chapel in Mymensingh, Bangladesh

A Holmes County, Ohio sunrise!

My wife, Alice, and our son, Dustin enjoying an early morning walk during the late Winter snowfall.

We meet a neighbor, and Alice joins her to catch up with the latest news. This is a close-up, and the next photo they qualify for a “Where’s Waldo” photo!

Another friendly neighbor is out making sure the squirrels have some food handy with this late snowfall. Do “April Showers Bring May Flowers” even if they are snow showers! It’s now April, so Spring should be right around the corner.