Day 31

BENGALI BOYS AT FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT anxious to get their faces in front of the lens!

Day 29

I ATTENDED A TTL “LIGHTROOM” WORKSHOP, on Saturday pm, from 3-6:30 PM.  The trip over in a CNG cost me $1, and lunch cost me $3.  The workshop cost was $7, which included a nice chicken roll-up and a drink.  It was presented by Jenny and Neerod, a husband and wife time.  They had a nice powerpoint including demonstrations on the program itself.

Here is a photo of the TTLers that in November went to the Hakaluki Haor and Moulovibazar for a two day photo safari. TTL (a Bangladesh “Through the Lens” photo club.  You can check out the club on Flicker or Facebook.

Day 27


(photo below)

ASIF MAKES A SAVE, as Ripon looks on.  In the morning matches Ripon likes to have me as keeper when he is playing defense.

Day 26

MASUM STIRRING UP SOME DUST as he assesses the situation on the football field.  Masum is a friend, as well as a younger brother of my friend, Halim!

Day 25

ASIF DEFENDS THE GOAL, but we still lost 2-0 in the finals match of the football tournament.

Day 24

HAPPY 59TH BIRTHDAY to my brother, Warren, living in Mesa, Arizona.

This photo is of some of the players I play football with 2-5 mornings a week at 6:45 am.  This is the second place trophy, since we lost the final game of the tournament 2-0.