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Day 58


Day 57

DO YOU OWE ANYONE MONEY?  This was an interesting sign at the “Hot and Stimulating Cafe” in Darjeeling, India.

Day 56

Hot chilis drying on the rooftop.

Day 55

STREET BEGGAR AT THE bars of my CNG wanting some taka.

LINES BEING CHALKED for football tournament

Day 53

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HARRY,  amar choto bhai.  Born in 1955 and now 55 years old.

Day 52

NEIGHBOR’S HOUSEHELPER working with chili peppers on our rooftop.

Day 51

EKUSHEY FEBRUARY-International Mother Language Day

I took this photo of some Bangla and English writing, which someone wrote because a relative was either killed or injured near here on this street.

Day 50

SWEEPERS behind Parliament Building – Likely Grandpa, Grandma, and Grandson.

A PEDESTRIAN walking on the Mirpur short-cut.

CNG DRIVER PUSHING his broke-down CNG on the Mirpur shortcut.

HOMELESS FELLOW getting some rest.