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Coordinated Contrasts

The lady’s outfit coordinates with the sign above her. The fellows shirt, and Cotton Candy match the upper sign, though both colors clash or contrast with the other color!

This t-shirt took the words out of my mouth! The people, the culture, the food, and the climate!

I thought this was an interesting capture! A festive occasion, which means wearing beautiful saris. It was the First Day of Spring, and Valentine’s Day, so they could choose to dress in Red or Yellow!

Mother and son, and lady with a beautiful fan!

Bride and Groom at the end of the ceremony!

Hair Decorated with Roses!

I quick snapped this photo before hopping onto the vehicle we had hired to take us to the wedding! More wedding photos to come! Also, some other photos! I have been quite occupied, plus, the bloganuary I signed up with WPS is taking some time! Have a great weekend. Till later!




50 degrees Fahrenheit-Winter in Bangladesh – 10 degrees Celsius



A chorus from the “A Holiday in Harmony” performance

by Canton, Ohio, McKinley High School Students.