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This white-tailed deer was alerted, but not enough to raise it’s white tail!


White-Tailed Buck

Our early morning walk on the Millersburg Rails to Trails trail rewarded me with this view!

All Ears

Deer in front of me on the Rails to Trails trail, trying to figure out what I am! In case you noticed this photo was taken before the one on yesterday’s post!

High-Tailing It

White-tailed Deer on the move!

Squirrel Trio

I decided this was a photo moment, when I saw a live squirrel on the bird bath, which had it’s own cement squirrels crawling over it!


I let a Doe and two fawns cross the road! I didn’t want to take the chance that they would wait on me!


I was privileged to catch a photo of this Marten on a trail in the Grand Teton National Park!

One of our sharp-eyed gang saw these desert bighorn sheep (likely) nicely silhouetted in the blue skies! I don’t remember what they said they were.

Can you pick them out on the hilltop! This is the view with the naked eye! I appreciate my telephoto lens!

Have a good day!

Am I Safe

Or Not

No wonder they are called, White-tailed Deer!