Category: Animal

“Drawing a Bead” on a street dog with his rubber band!

Warm coat

Burlap bag put to good use!

Not Going to Hang Around Here

Snack Time

This squirrel finds a way to get a hold of some peanuts from this bird feeder!

This white-tailed deer was alerted, but not enough to raise it’s white tail!


White-Tailed Buck

Our early morning walk on the Millersburg Rails to Trails trail rewarded me with this view!

All Ears

Deer in front of me on the Rails to Trails trail, trying to figure out what I am! In case you noticed this photo was taken before the one on yesterday’s post!

High-Tailing It

White-tailed Deer on the move!

Squirrel Trio

I decided this was a photo moment, when I saw a live squirrel on the bird bath, which had it’s own cement squirrels crawling over it!