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Chewin’ the Cud

These cows are leisurely chewing their cud, in the foggy, with not a care in the world!

Yellow Submarine

Obviously the “Yellow Submarine” fits into the theme of this “Legends of Music Barn” near Clark, Ohio. Depending upon your age, and music tastes this will take you back to the Song, that Ringo Starr, one of the Beatles, sang

Facing the Fog

I think this is a Song Sparrow singing his heart out, penetrating the fog with his song!!

Spiders Show Their Handiwork

Nice intricate cobwebs visible this morning!

Three Reactions!

Amusing: Three reactions when they see the telephoto lens pointed in their direction!

Great Stuff

Nice Salad and toppings!


Female House Finch at our window feeder!

House Hunting

Will the bluebirds get the winning contract for the birdhouse?

Or will it be the House Sparrow?

Lambing Time

Lambing time is another harbinger of Spring! Not sure what breed these sheep are! Lambing is the time when lambs are born.