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They were in 7th and 8th place in the Holmes County Antique Festival 5K race in Millersburg, Ohio, as they passed our house!


Lead runner in the Holmes  County Antique Festival 5K.

September 18, 1966 was a day of transition, being the day, I met my wife! Actually, the Sunday “Gazette Mail” newspaper of Charleston, West Virginia had a headline- Transition. Trivia: If you work at $9.13/hr for a year, your salary would be $19,000! 

We’ve lived in 22 different homes over the years, but maybe I am getting it mixed up with having been in 22 different countries!

Thanks, Darling for knocking me off of my feet (College Sweethearts)!  You can tell numbers, so I was tickled to find out that we courted for exactly 1,000 days before marriage.




Red Beard and Red Pepper!

These gentleman were taking a break at the annual Airworks Auction in Mt. Hope, Ohio




Model T/Buggy HybridIMG_9180-2




I think you have to be old to get it!!  According to “Yahoo Answers,” The marketing “Put a Tiger in your tank” refers to putting the performance and energy of a Tiger into your gasoline tank by using “Esso” / “Exxon” gasoline.  It was a 1965 advertising campaign for Esso Petroleum Company! I had actually been driving a year before this happened!