Category: Street Photography

The courthouse lawn in Millersburg, Ohio has this display!


I am not sure I have ever seen any Amish walking on this Rails to Trails trail in Millersburg. The trail is so far from their homes they wouldn’t walk that far. I do see them quite often on the trail with their horse carriages or their bicycles. Over the years they have contributed a lot of money for the trail, because it gives them a safer route than coming to town the whole way on a two-lane highway. I suspect they had been at the nearby hospital, and decided to go for a walk.

Chainsaw Chain Carving

A demo at a Log Cabin Days event, near Loudonville, OH.

Big Sur Inn and Restaurant has this Ice Cream Bus right by the gas station!

Palms at Attention

A beautiful street in Redlands, California!

Trains and Semi-tractor trailers moving cargo in the West. I love to take photos of trains, and skies with clouds. I didn’t mind that the Semi photo-bombed my photo of the train! 🙂 Have a great day!

With such a nice morning, traveling to the wedding with an open carriage is a pleasant ride!

This Amish couple are traveling to a wedding with their “golf cart!” They are probably at the age, etc., that hitching up a horse for a trip wouldn’t be possible!

I have a dilemma! I still haven’t posted many of my photos from my weekend in Charleston, SC. yet! I also have got some nice photos this week, that haven’t been posted. On Monday I am heading for the West Coast, hoping to reach Yosemite National Park by Wednesday evening. This is a 20-day trip, so there should be some great photos coming up! See you then!

End of High School, and he end of the day! The beginning of the night, and the beginning of what’s ahead for graduates!


This tree is showing off it’s Springtime blooms, showing the change from Winter to Spring. As soon as this lady passed this tree, she turned around, reached into her purse for her flip phone, took a photo of the tree, put the phone back in her purse and headed on home! Amish taking photos is also a change!