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First Snowfall

Goldfinch in the Morning Before Snowfall

Goldfinch in the Afternoon After the Snowfall – November 14, 2021

In front of this stove is where I like to spend my time during the snowfall!

Circling Turkey Vultures


Red-Tailed Hawk


Purple Martin Home

Purple Martin houses are very popular among the Amish people. Here we see some action at the Martin House


Eastern Kingbird

Watching the Takeoff

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in North Central Ohio

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge has several miles for Autos to drive through. Geese of course have the Right of Way!

My son, Dustin looking through the scope at these Dunlins at Metzger Marsh in North Central Ohio! There were over 150 in this group (not all in photograph due to cropping).

Early Morning

Canadian Geese on the swamp. Note the Trumpeter Swan in the gap in the shrubs.

Belated Happy Thanksgiving!

I was busy taxiing most of the day, and never got a chance to put my photos onto my computer and post! Hope it was a day of thanksgiving for you all!