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Am I Safe

Or Not

No wonder they are called, White-tailed Deer!

Fawns still with spots!

Buck in Velvet!

Doe ran across ravine, after crossing the road in front of me, had to stop and check me out from a safe distance!

Skittish Whitetails

These white-tail deer sure were skittish, showing their white-tails as they ran off.

White-Tail Deer on the Run

A dog came over and barked at these deer before I could get a photo of them grazing! Tails up, and away they go, showing quite well, why they are called white-tailed deer.

I set out for Force Rd. at the Killbuck Creek Wildlife Area in Wayne County, Ohio, to see if I could locate the King Rail, which had eluded me during at least 3 other visits! This time I was rewarded with a sighting of the birds, as well as the bonus of the other animals! Disclaimer:  Some experts verified that these birds were the Common Gallinule bird! So it goes! Maybe next time!


Common Gallinule



Eastern Phoebe



White-tailed Deer






Common Gallinule – Some are likely young chicks



Get-A-Way Whitetail


While trying to capture sight of some birds, this deer lopes along below the Millersburg Village Cemetery!


As we walked on the walking trail, this white-tailed deer decided she wasn’t in any danger!

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.

Day 237

LARGE WHITE-TAILED BUCK  still in velvet, in the brush!

Day 236

A WHITE-TAILED DOE wondering who is in her territory!

Day 232

A WHITE-TAILED DOE with her fawn suspicious of someone walking through their territory in Northern Potter County, Pa, U.S.A.