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Somehow, not all of the children got into the act! Not sure what the photograph said to get this response. I had left my camera at our company lunch room after the banquet. Someone must have grabbed my camera and had fun with it!


We were getting some photos taken and this lady passed by and my brother told her, that she would be next. She walked on and her friends decided to have her sit for a photo. I got up, grabbed my camera and captured her posed for her photo, by her friends.

Bengali village milkman carrying milk down the brick path to the market!

I missed photos of the first two milkmen, so I asked this gentleman to pose for me, so I would not just have a photo of a man carrying a red bucket! I was actually served some warm milk and a boiled chicken egg as a snack just before we left this Bikrampur village.

Town Hall Barber


Look at the Camera, Daddy




Young Smile



He has been faithfully at this post for many years.  I rarely print for myself. I’d rather compile a photo book.  I print for friends, which at this point, include:  footballers, beggars, coolies, guardians, car drivers, guards, tea stall operators, etc.  I will leave them all behind in 35 days, which will be a major life style change for me.  No more daily 35 cent breakfasts! A cup of tea for 6 cents, etc.  I’ll even have to drive again! 😦   It will be a pleasure to spend 12 days in Switzerland checking out our roots, touring with our friend, eating cheese and chocolate, and chatting over many cups of coffee. Oh, I suspect I will take some photos!! 🙂 It was a rainy day so only 4  footballers showed up this morning.

Un-posed side profile portrait.

Un-posed side profile portrait.

Posed with the fellow who takes the money!

Posed front view with the fellow who takes the money!


They don’t look relaxed and natural!

Day 234

BENGALI GIRL CHECKING OUT THE PHOTOGRAPHER!  So much for an unposed photo.  This photo was taken on the way to Inani Beach from Himchuri Falls.