Day 181

VEGETABLES on street vendor’s Van Gari.  I haven’t tried hurrying to the street from our 9th floor apartment to buy vegetables when I hear them yelling “Torkari!”  “Torkari” is curried food.  These vegetables are cooked with whatever kind of curry is being prepared.  I have however bought some on the street if I see them when I am walking.

Veggies for Sale!

Day 180

BLACK-TOPPING continued.  Here is a lady worker who keeps feeding sawdust into the fire to heat up the gravel, tar, etc. mixture.  There are other fires to heat up the tar to pour into this mixture.

Feeding the fire beats begging!

Day 179

BLACK-TOPPING on a street in Iqbal Road.  This street has been one of the roughest streets, and finally it is being blacktopped!  I posted this for my friend Paul Troyer, who is a black-topper in Ohio.

Van Gari dumping it's load!

Day 178

REMIAN RAIDERS win the “Level: Next….Talent Hunters” Underground Tournament with a stunning defeat of the “Soccer Knights, 2-0 in the final match.  Here is a photo of the jubilant team.  In addition to the satisfaction of winning they also won 20,ooo taka and a nice trophy.


Day 177

REMIAN RAIDER heads the ball for a goal.  It was disqualified because the corner flag was taken down for the corner kick! 😦

This afternoon the Remian Raiders play in the finals of this tournament against the Josephites. 

Nice head shot
Nice head shot

Day 176

MAHBOOB, the striker in action.

Mabub showed his great style putting the Remian Raider’s only goal into the net with gusto, with the help of Asif.  This was not his goal shot, but an earlier shot of him centering the ball.  The Raiders finished the game with a 1-1 score requiring a shoot-out.  They won the shoot-out so are in the semi-finals his afternoon at the Abohani field in Dhanmondi. 

Mahboob, the striker!!

Day 175

HEAD SHOT following corner kick

The team I coach won their must-win game yesterday 2-1 to qualify for the tournament final matches.