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One Girl is Dressed in Her Finest Dress and Shoes for Eid-ul-Fitr

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Two Contrasting Girlsmarlandphotos-blog-photography-girls-contrast

Young Lad in Front of Shuttered Store

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Eid Holidays with many stores closed. A time to celebrate with friends.

A young Lad on Asad Avenue, near Town Hall, Mohammadpur, Bangladesh.


Paper Art at the Source in Dhaka on Mirpur Rd

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Daily Milkman at Your Door Making Deliveries

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Four Good Looking Footballers Who are Not on a World Cup Team

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I play football (soccer) with these guys 6 days a week!  Photo taken by a first edition iPhone!  This photo was taken on the bridge over Crescent Lake on the edge of Chandrima Uddan.



Ramadan, Tea Stalls, and Restaurants

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During the Holy Month of Ramadan most tea stalls and restaurants hang tarps for privacy for those that need to eat and drink. Rickshaw Wallahs work hard and need their energy, and there are people of other religions that do not fast during this time.

Tea Stall on Asad Avenue

marlandphotos-blog-rickshaw wallah-Ramadan

Tea Stall in Iqbal Rdmarlandphotos-blog-photography-Dhaka-Ramadan

Hotel on Asad Avenuemarlandphotos-blog-photography-fasting-Dhaka-Ramadan