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This was one of my photos that was exhibited at Kalpana Boarding for the TTL-BIF7 Photo Exhibition.  The exhibition had two venues this year, including Drik Gallery in Dhanmondi.

I actually took this photo while riding a Rickshaw on Asad Avenue in Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I have had tea with the gentleman on the left, and he has even given me free rickshaw rides.

TTL7 Exhibition Photo


Artist or Painter?  I know the rickshaw painters like to be called artists!


marlandphotos-blog-photography-Dhaka-Mobiles-Asad Ave


Eid Holidays with many stores closed. A time to celebrate with friends.

A young Lad on Asad Avenue, near Town Hall, Mohammadpur, Bangladesh.


Mural, Gate, and Ladies

Mural, Gate, and Ladies

Some of my Mohammadpur Friends

Some of my Mohammadpur Friends

BARRELS OF SHORBOT (Sweetened and flavored cold drink) WILL BE CONSUMED BEFORE THE AFTERNOON IS OVER. I drank a glassful and enjoyed it.

A Refreshing Drink!

Day 102

SHUBHO NABO BARSO to all my Benglai friends.  Tomorrow is Poila Baisakh, New Year’s Day in Bangladesh.  It is traditional to wear red, which I am sure will be no different tomorrow.

Ladies already clad in red on New Year’s Eve.