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Day 334

I’M REALLY ANXIOUS TO get this camera bag reunited with my Canon XTI (400D) camera! It is in for repairs.

Day 333

AUDREY WITH HER MOM!  They look happy, don’t they?  Sorry, about the old photos.

HALEY WITH HER AUNT CAROL (Photo below) No the color didn’t fade, I was messing with the colors!

LANDON WITH HIS Alice, his small group grandma!

Day 332

HALIM’s niece resting in the chair.

THREE OF HALIM’S COUSINS posing for photos.

Day 330


We had goose, chicken, mashed potatoes, bread, french onion soup, pumpkin pie, apple pie, orange/coffee custard, potato stuffing, chicken gravy, momos, veggies, and okra.  Sorry guys, if I missed an item.

Here is a photo of the potato momos I made.  I took momo cooking lessons at a cafe in Darjeeling with Austin.  Here is a link that a lady put online, who had also taken the lessons there:

Day 329

HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY to all my American friends.  I know my Canadian friends have long ago digested their Thanksgiving meals!  I know these aren’t turkeys, but turkeys are expensive in Bangladesh.  I think they might cost $70!  I haven’t checked lately, and my memory isn’t what it used to be.  Hopefully I’m not exaggerating!  These are some ducks at Halim’s place.  Today us fellows on the team are cooking the meal for the ladies.  The menu is a secret, so I won’t disclose it until later! Have a great day!

Day 328

THIS YOUNG BENGALI LAD loved to show me how he could make this top spin.

Day 327

WELL IT’S FOR SURE!  ALICE AND I are spending Christmas in Bali.

HERE IS ALICE having a nice curried beef, rice, spicy potato, dal, and rice meal at Halim’s place.   Halim’s mother is on the right.  Her curries are some of the best we have tasted in Bangladesh.

Day 326

MASUM, HALIM’S BROTHER, WHOM I also play football with giving his nephew a fun ride.

Day 325

HALIMER CHOTO BEI SNAN KORCHE!  Ok, I’ll translate.  Halim’s younger brother taking a shower.

HERE I AM IN A MOHAMMADIA HOUSING street helping to skin a cow.  Halim my friend is on the left standing in front of a tea stand that his family owns.

HALIM, MY FOOTBALL PLAYER FRIEND, standing in front of some cows in the village his mother comes from.  I went with Halim and one of  his nieces to this village in Munshigang district.  They were very friendly and were gracious hosts.