Category: travel photography

My wife and I enjoyed traveling to California, and spending a week with my sister and her family! So much fun, going to the mountains, my birthday celebration, jig-saw puzzles. We also visited Joshua Tree National Park, where this photo was taken of my sister and me!

We enjoyed along the California Coast along the Big Sur


Someone was enjoying flying their kite at the William Randolph Hearst Jr. Memorial Beach. This was one of the places we stopped on our drive along the coast (Big Sur)

Big Sur Inn and Restaurant has this Ice Cream Bus right by the gas station!

Fishing Pier

Fishing pier at the William Hearst Memorial Beach. Father and son testing the waters.

Summit County, Nevada has this nice rest area in Echo Canyon! We enjoyed stopping whenever we felt like to take a break. The beautiful scenery was a bonus.

City Lights

Early morning Nashville cityscape!

Approaching Las Cruces in New Mexico from the west.

Cement Bridge

Stone Bridge in the Yosemite Valley, Yosemite National Park, California, USA.


A couple getting photographed on the Vernal Falls Bridge on the Mist Trail!