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While waiting for some taxi customers, I parked in the parking lot for this falls. I decided I wasn’t dressed for a long time outdoors, so I didn’t circle around the woods to get a front view. I also didn’t go down over the falls in or out of a barrel! I am still amazed at the number of people that went over Niagara Falls and survived! Have a great Tuesday!

Before And After

Innovative Amish man uses pony cart to move the church benches from one location to another!

Snowy Wintry Countryside

This photo was taken at least a week ago, or more. I suspect many people want to see a similar scene for Christmas Day. Only 11 more days to find out!

Frosty Foggy Morning

Houses Under Wrap

Millersburg, Ohio courthouse Clock Tower under restoration.

Marten Houses prepared for Winter!

Bad Riddle: When is a Marten house like a Courthouse?

Playground See-Saw

Photo credit: Karston Mullet

Today it’s back to normalcy, if there is such a thing for those of us in the “Golden Years!” By the time you see this post we will hopefully be in our own bed, trying to recover from a “door to door” 42 hour trip home. This did include early trip to airport, because of some election day travel restrictions, and a 7 hr. layover in Boston! Not sure how much cold and snow we missed, during the month of February, but we sure enjoyed the balmy temps of Bangladesh!

Is Spring Here?

I saw a flash of orange, and sure enough, there were two robins in my back yard on January 6!!

My Uncle’s Iconic Farmstead