Category: Vacation

My wife and I enjoyed traveling to California, and spending a week with my sister and her family! So much fun, going to the mountains, my birthday celebration, jig-saw puzzles. We also visited Joshua Tree National Park, where this photo was taken of my sister and me!

We enjoyed along the California Coast along the Big Sur

Summit County, Nevada has this nice rest area in Echo Canyon! We enjoyed stopping whenever we felt like to take a break. The beautiful scenery was a bonus.

Truck Engines and Drivers resting at the Echo Canyon Welcome Center in Utah! We also enjoyed a short hike up the hill behind the Welcome Center.

I wasn’t sure which photo to post of my dear wife, who has a birthday today! So, for two months she is older than I am! Here she is doing what she does well! Spending time listening to people’s stories! This is my Aunt Mary Ann, who passed away two years ago! I am traveling for 20 days with five young Amish men, a trip to the West Coast of the USA. We have two weeks behind us, and one week ahead of us! Therefore, I will have to really celebrate Alice’s birthday when I return home!!


I was glad to see this Black-necked Stilt at the Myakka River State Park in Florida, on Monday. Upon returning home, it was as I suspected, and it was not a “lifer” for me, since it had showed up in Ohio, last year. A “lifer” for the non-birders means it is the first time you have seen that bird. I think the 16 “lifers,” I saw on vacation in Florida brings my life list up to 245 on eBird. I have around 60 species that I observed in India, that I haven’t put on eBird yet. Have a great day!