Jhal Muri Wallah wanted his photo taken

I have known this young man for many years.  The big bag is full of muri, similar but smaller than puffed rice.  It is used to make a very tasty, spicy snack called jhal muri!

Jhal Muri Vendor (Wallah)
Jhal Muri Vendor (Wallah)

Lots of Color and Lots of Smiles

Alice attended BIF5 the exhibition of the TTL photo club of which I am a member.  I had a photo in the exhibition, which was a pleasure.  Here is Alice with some of the ladies from the club.

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Young Bengali Girl

This young girl spends her morning carrying a big rice bag around to fill with paper and plastic for recycling.   Though part of the many poor in Dhaka, she still knows how to smile.