Day 332

MORNING PRAYER just before the animal sacrifices begin.  The little boy seems to be observing what the others are doing!

Day 331

KORBANI EID IS tomorrow so many goats and cows are purchased.  This guy is not sure if his goat will stay on the van-gari.

Day 330

ORANGE BRIGHTENS this scene of a couple walking the streets of Kushtia town, in Bangladesh.

Oh, by the way! “Happy Birthday!” to Matthias. Hope it is a special day for you.

And for all my American friends, “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Day 328

WHERE DID THEY GET TO?  We got off of the bus together, but with photos to take, etc.  The three ladies in the front got to New Market long before we did!  It seemed like all of Dhaka was near New Market doing pre-Eid shopping!