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Two Young Bengali Girls on the Way to School

Thinking and Waiting?

Another Photo From the Bluff Overlooking the Flood Plains in Malumghat!

Fisherman at Rest!

It was special to go to Platinum Suites in Banani with my good friend for their breakfast buffet!  The buffet included omelets, beef bhuna, chicken sausage, pancakes, sauteed potatoes, alu bhuna, conjee soup and other items.

While the parents were at the hospital Candace and Chayla spent 36 hours with us!  I took them to a tea stand on our street and then to a playing field near our apartment building.  I kind took the place of their real Grandpas as best as I could. Their little brother, Carver Tate was born at 9:07 pm on June 25.

I couldn’t resist taking another sunset shot at this location.  I’m almost sure I took a shot here three weeks ago and likely a year ago as well. I love this flood plain for sunset photos.

Homeward Bound!


AFTER WALKING FOR 2.5 HOURS IN THE BANGABANDHU SAFARI PARK IN MALUMGHAT, CHAKARIA, COX’S BAZAAR, BANGLADESH, the guide thought I should climb this tower to look around at the surrounding forest!

A Tall Tower in the Bangabandhu Safari Park.


Safari Park visitors as seen with a Canon 70-300mm lens at at 165 mm.

River Boats at Dusk

Idyllic Scene of Fishing Boats

Using a board as a hammer, he is getting the job done!

Showing His Muscles!

My First Cousin’s Son and His Wife Arrived This Morning!

Bengali man sitting here enjoying the Boli Kheli in a Malumghat village.

In the Shade!

I saw this girl looking out of her mud hut in the Malumghat village.  The first photo was not exposed properly, but she was more than glad to pose for me again.

Bengali Village Girl

Until I turn 64 in 2 months, I get to live with an older woman!! 🙂

A Sweet Wife With a Sweet Smile!