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I haven’t had a chance to go out and photograph all the harbingers of Spring, so I am posting this photo I took beside a walking trail, three weeks ago. Needless to say those flowers were later covered by at least two or three snowfalls!


I decided I was allowed to post one more snow photo, since it was only the first week of Spring.

Take Me to Florida

I couldn’t resist reblogging this post!

Donald Reese Photography

After the recent mid march snow storm hit, some Amish kids created this little snow man complete with a take me to florida sign

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Green Gate

Caught in the Act

Amish lady is checking out to see why my van was parked on the road for five minutes!



Amish farm near Mt. Eaton, Ohio

Shouldn’t it be, BRR 3111?


Some warmer weather, then yesterday snow greeted us in the morning, followed by temps in the teens this morning! Only NINE days till Spring. Enjoy Winter while you can!