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With the wet Spring, many farmers have not been able to plant their crops. It looks like this farmer got his corn planted.

My sister and niece having a blast. The niece has only seen snow on TV!! And she used the technique she saw used on shows to make snowmen, and tried it out. The snow wasn’t really the best quality, but it kind of worked! It is also one of the first photos I have taken with my new camera, the Sony Alpha 6000

Let it Snow

My mother is now near us in Ohio, and hasn’t seen snow for 35 years. I hung a plaque on her door the other day, which said, “Let it Snow!” Very soon outside her window there were big flakes of snow!! The next day it dumped down some more snow! If anyone wants me to hang such a plaque on their door, just let me know! 🙂 Have a great weekend, one and all, with or without snow!

Is Spring Here?

I saw a flash of orange, and sure enough, there were two robins in my back yard on January 6!!

This scene blessed me upon entering the village of Walnut Creek, in Holmes County, Ohio!
My Uncle’s Iconic Farmstead

Also a very nice touch of red during the Autumn season.



Doughty Valley/Troyer Hollow creek provide some relief from the heat of summer!

Spring is Here!


Thinking the danger of freezing was over, on April 30, I put out my hummingbird feeder. I was rewarded by a visitor on May 1!   I was delighted!!