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It is still hay-making season!

Wears Valley

A nice surprise to come around a curve in the road and see these turkeys, with a great background for this photo. This was in Wears Valley, Tennessee next to the Smoky Mountains!


With a taxi customer, we stopped to see this unique piece of equipment. We knew he was going to start mowing at 7 am. This talented Amish farmer built this horse-powered hay cutter that cuts a 24 foot swath!


The 5th cutting of hay looks a little sparse!


Thirst quenched for now, during haymaking day !

Eyes on the Photographer


Vintage Hay Mower



Not sure how many posts there will be in the near future! Family reunion, followed by a trip to Calgary for a wedding, and a week of touring the Rockies after that!


Rolling farmland of Holmes County, Ohio, U.S.A.