Category: Leisure

Leisurely Moment

This was a snapshot of the “Rustic Barrel Design” booth at the OHFM 2023 in Mt. Hope, Ohio, USA. OHFM is the Ohio Hardwood Furniture Market!

“Drawing a Bead” on a street dog with his rubber band!

Joys of Childhood

It is always nice to be around children! They love life and enjoy playing! Magnet Art, and Race Cars!

A willing subject for me at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka during the Language Martyr’s Day on February 21, 2023

The Tools of the Trade

During a holiday the guys selling bubble “machines” are sure to find some willing customers!

National Martyr’s Day in Bangladesh gives opportunity to dress up, gather with the crowd, and of course, ice cream cones for the children, or adults!

And Un-cropped

I thought this was an interesting capture! A festive occasion, which means wearing beautiful saris. It was the First Day of Spring, and Valentine’s Day, so they could choose to dress in Red or Yellow!

A special day in which people either dress in yellow or red! A festive occasion, for sure. Red would be the typical color for Valentine’s Day, and Yellow, for the First Day of Spring. These holidays fall on the same day in Bangladesh. Those days are a street photographer’s paradise!

While this lady was posing for someone else, I decided to take a photo!


What are the pros and cons of procrastination? Pros: You can gather more facts to make the decision, or the decision may not need to be made! Cons: Others involved will be disappointed.

Here is something I can do while procrastinating!