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Watching the Takeoff

Deer Crossing

Shall I cross?

Looks safe enough, I guess I will!

It is still hay-making season!

The view from across the road!

The view from the neighbors the hill! Bonus: A beautiful flower border around the garden!

Another over-the-hill view from a different angle so as to include these hanging flowers!

Long Lens?

Having Fun with my new long lens, taking photos a little guy with his “long lens!”

Local unattended fruit and vegetable stand!

20,000 Days since Alice and I met back on September 18, 1966. Our lives haven’t been the same since!! First day of Summer, and National Selfie Day are eclipsed by our special day! We’ve lived in Virginia, Pennsylvania, Iowa, and Ohio. We also lived in Northwestern Ontario and Dhaka, Bangladesh! I have worked in 4 different hospitals as a Medical Technologist. Alice worked in three hospitals as an LPN. I was also Principal at four different schools. I piloted little two-seater planes in NW Ontario for 440 hours. We have two sons, a daughter-in-law, and three grandsons. We have hiked in the Southern Rockies, as well as the mountains of the Banff, Jasper, Waterton and Glacier National Parks. We have hiked the Grand Canyon three times, the foothills of the Swiss Alps, and the Himalayas. We’ve hike in the Smokies, and a volcano in Bali. We have slept under the stars at the Upper Chukuni near Red Lake, and on the sandy desert of Western India near Jaisalmer. We were both saved from drowning, and Alice is a Cancer Survivor!! God has been good!!! As the plaque says on our porch, “Welcome to our Porch, where we enjoy the lazy days of summer!” If you want to hear more of our story, we could oblige you. Maybe even a cup of coffee, or ice tea! If you from another state or country, we have spare bedrooms also! P.S. We got married 1,000 days after we met!

Father’s Day

Lunch break is over and time to get back to work. Sons follow their father.

This little fellow had trouble finding his hat, and was late for work! 🙂

The last boy must not have found his hat, and the other is still struggling to get it on right!

Here are some of the 42 quart they put in my van, for my taxi customer! She had asked for 40 quart and they decided to throw in 2 extra for good measure! And no, the were all bright red, but some were in the shade, and I exposed for them! 🙂

My wife at one of her favorite places for her daily morning walk, the entrance to the “Rails to Trails” trail in Millersburg.

She loves it when on her daily morning walk she sees deer!

Her other favorite place for her daily morning walk is Oak Hill Cemetery near our house. And as you see, she also at times sees deer!