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Grandmother is curious!

Three Generations

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Grandma, Grandson, and Great-Grandson



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Our oldest grandson playing for the McKinley Bulldogs dribbles the ball while our youngest grandson looks on.


Our middle grandson (15), trying to outrun the Massillon Tigers players. I (Videographer), for this game am relaxing at the blue barrel, since my camcorder battery went dead with 90 seconds remaining on the clock. It was a sweet victory for  the Mckinley Bulldogs, routing the Massillon team 8-1 in the last game of the season. I can’t forget to give my dear wife credit for this photo, since she grabbed my camera and took some photos, while I was videoing the match. The oldest grandson did score one goal, though he was playing fullback!


Our youngest grandson (green t-shirt) dribbling the ball for the Canton middle school team. He managed to score a goal on a free kick, but the Fairless team won the match 5-3. Better luck next year.



Happy Birthday to a Good Friend

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My Grandson starts into his 13th year today! Which means that it is his 12th birthday! We may not be together today but I thought of him and a great memory of playing mini golf with him in Florida on Christmas Eve!!

I trust it will be a great year with not too many waves in it for you! Happy Birthday!

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Cool Treat/ Licking the Dasher (Beater)

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With the warm week we had, homemade ice cream would have been a treat. I found this photo, as I was looking through my files. Then I realized it was taken with my camera, but my son was the photographer!  He loves to borrow my Canon 7D camera with the 50mm 1.4 lens!

Soccer or Ballet

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My Grandson Gets  Some Practice in Bangladesh!


My Grandson On the Ball

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