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Grandpa Time

Bridal Party

The Bridal Party is waiting for the right moment to cross the road for the wedding. Meanwhile a Grandpa comes to chat with them. I had dropped off some taxi customers at the wedding site, and stopped on the road to capture this unique shot.



Smiles all Around!

Grandpa and Grandson on a lake in Northwestern Ontario!




Our oldest grandson playing for the McKinley Bulldogs dribbles the ball while our youngest grandson looks on.


Our middle grandson (15), trying to outrun the Massillon Tigers players. I (Videographer), for this game am relaxing at the blue barrel, since my camcorder battery went dead with 90 seconds remaining on the clock. It was a sweet victory for  the Mckinley Bulldogs, routing the Massillon team 8-1 in the last game of the season. I can’t forget to give my dear wife credit for this photo, since she grabbed my camera and took some photos, while I was videoing the match. The oldest grandson did score one goal, though he was playing fullback!


Our youngest grandson (green t-shirt) dribbling the ball for the Canton middle school team. He managed to score a goal on a free kick, but the Fairless team won the match 5-3. Better luck next year.



I Love to do Crossword Puzzles

I Love to do Crossword Puzzles

I Miss You Like Crazy!!!

Happy Birthday to Riley, a real swell guy!

Grandpa Time!

Grandpa Time!

As Pastor, it was a privilege to be able to do the baby dedication for Carver!  His family sang a very special song they had written for the occasion.