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I Miss You Like Crazy!!!

Happy Birthday to Riley, a real swell guy!

Grandpa Time!

Grandpa Time!

Day 3

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO RILEY, our grandson on his 7th Birthday!  Hope you have a special day and a great year ahead of you.


Day 275

RILEY, OUR 6-YR OLD grandson having a great time at McDonald’s Playplace in Millersburg, Ohio.  I took the grandsons there the last day we spent time with them, before heading for Bangladesh.

Day 271

RILEY, OUR YOUNGEST GRANDSON, with his friend Jack!  He loves to play with this dog.  He couldn’t get done saying good-bye to him.  Also, when arriving on the farm, the first thing he did was to say hi to Jack!  We sure do miss you, Riley.

Day 42

RILEY, my grandson moving on the ball, during a football tournament today at the French International School.

Day 305

RILEY our youngest grandchild is having fun trying out my new remote shutter release for my camera.

Trigger Happy!

Day 157


My grandson, Riley helped sing a song called “Veggie Rap”, in which he was dressed in green as the (green) bean!

Ok, let's start.

Day 95


After the haircuts we got on a rickshaw and headed home.  After taking the photo, I actually sat up behind Jensen on the back of the seat.

Is there still room for Grandpa?

Day 94


Here is Riley enjoying one of his many cups of tea while he was waiting for his brother’s to finish getting their hair cut!

Riley, examining the look's of his haircut!

Day 80

RILEY, my Grandson

I couldn’t resist this year old photo.  It was taken on the river in Mymensingh.  Our grandsons came to our apartment yesterday for their weekly supper and evening to give their parents a night out on the town!  They are so full of energy.