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Washington, Iowa, the town I was born in!

Nosalgia: Iowa the state where the corn grows tall! Just visited last weekend, and the corn is just getting a good start. Good to be “home” again! A great time with friends and relatives!

Congratulations, Haley!!

Happily Married!

Jenson and Rachel in the reception line!

Family Time!

My Aunt on the left, and my standing in the center, talking to my cousin.

This is a list of their 12 children!

Last week was a special, since I was able to visit all my Aunts and Uncles, some in Ohio, and some in Iowa!

Back to My Roots

Heading South out of Kalona, our address for years, I entered the town of Washington, Iowa. I was born in this town.

It’s late Spring so the corn is not too tall yet! We had a saying, that corn will likely be “Knee-high in the 4th of July!” At the Corn Palace in South Dakota the guide would say that all the corn inside was Iowa corn. The corn on the outside of the building was South Dakota corn, which was too tall to get inside the building! 🙂

Foggy Sunrise

Green Pastures

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge in North Central Ohio

Ottawa National Wildlife Refuge has several miles for Autos to drive through. Geese of course have the Right of Way!

My son, Dustin looking through the scope at these Dunlins at Metzger Marsh in North Central Ohio! There were over 150 in this group (not all in photograph due to cropping).