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Happy New Year

My most memorable photo of 2021, and likely my favorite as well. It is a photo of my Aunt and Uncle at the cemetery during the interment of my Mother! Hope you all have a great year in 2022

Family Time!

My Aunt on the left, and my standing in the center, talking to my cousin.

This is a list of their 12 children!

Last week was a special, since I was able to visit all my Aunts and Uncles, some in Ohio, and some in Iowa!

The Thinker

My Aunt!

In Conversation

My wife in conversation, with my Aunt Mary Ann!

It’s Like This!

A pleasure to spend some time with my Aunt in Kalona, Iowa! I thought it interesting that she had soccer balls on the arm covers of her soft chair, since it is my favorite sport! Ironically, I didn’t notice them till I was creating this blog post!

When I was a Lad


Four Cousins with their Aunts!

Left to right! Roy Miller, Betty (Miller) Schlabach, Sarah Mae (Miller) Stutzman, Frieda (Miller) Mast, Larry Miller, and myself on the right!

Wikipedia: Frida (with variants Freda, Freedia, Frieda and Freida) is a feminine given name. In Scandinavian countries, it derives from the Old Norse name Fríða, meaning“beautiful, beloved”. In central and eastern Europe, Frida is a short form of compound names containing the Germanic element fried meaning “peace”.

I always thought my aunt was beautiful and beloved, and with her there was always peace.  I remember attending her wedding when I was 10 years old. Special memories! We always had a lot of fun together.  She liked to tease me! They say, that means she liked me a lot! A special memory was when we traveled together after Thanksgiving of 2015, to see her son’s family in New York, which included seeing a newborn grandchild!

Frieda, rest in peace!

Valentine’s Day is Behind Us!

Now What?


I love the smile on this fellow’s face!

I took this low quality photo to email to my son, to see if he still wanted the ball player. It had been a lamp, but the lamp part has disappeared. He has somewhat nostalgic feelings regarding it, since it was a ceramic piece that his aunt made for him years ago. It goes into his corner of the attic and we get to keep sorting through the rest of the attic for treasures or junk!