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Where shall we go next?


Bald Eagle

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.

White-Tailed Doe in Berks County, Pa.

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Day 270

TAYLOR, OUR NIECE, sure grew up since we saw her in 2007.   I guess we all are 3 years older, and hopefully wiser!  Oh, by the way, we landed at the airport in Dhaka at 11:40 PM on Thursday the 22nd of September.

Day 239

ALICE, MY WIFE, out in the forest.

JACK, AND ELDERLY GENTLEMAN I visited with in Northern Pennsylvania.

Day 237

LARGE WHITE-TAILED BUCK  still in velvet, in the brush!

Day 236

A WHITE-TAILED DOE wondering who is in her territory!

Alice and Dustin returning from a walk in the woods.