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Mongolian Grill

Washington, Iowa, the town I was born in!

Nosalgia: Iowa the state where the corn grows tall! Just visited last weekend, and the corn is just getting a good start. Good to be “home” again! A great time with friends and relatives!

Antlered Entryway

There are probably 150+ deer antlers on this entrance to someone’s place. This was West of Flori, Iowa.

Through the Brush

A morning view of a farm, which has greeted us this weekend, while staying with friends in Iowa.

The Thinker

My Aunt!

Country Sunrise

Puzzling Mural

As I was passing through Fairfield, Iowa, this mural caught my eye, so I pulled into the parking lot, to capture this unique “puzzling” mural! I don’t know if it was painted by my friend, Rusty Baker, but it compares to his works, in 200 some cities around the world! Thanks to a comment I now know it was painted by Ella Yates!

Vintage Hay Fork

How many of you remember using the hay fork in the center of the photo? On the farm in Iowa, where I grew up, we used that kind of fork to lift up eight small hay bales into the hay mow at one time!


A very bad impersonation of the real deal by a well known painter from Iowa, which incidentally, is where I am from! Ignore the post on the railing that looks like a drumstick! 🙂

Versatile Blogger Award

Dear Blogger friends, Susan nominated me for Versatile Blogger award! Here is a link to her blog:

Susan, I am honored to have been chosen. I have so many blogs I follow, I don’t know where to start in nominating any of them for the Versatile Blogger award.

Some facts about me:

  1. I was born and raised in Kalona, Iowa, and then going on to Harrisonburg, Virginia for college studies.
  2. Met my wife there, and we were married between my 3rd year of college, and my 4th year (Internship in Medical Technology).
  3. Worked for 8.5 years in the Immunopathology Lab at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics before taking a position as School Principal in Northwestern Ontario.
  4. While in Ontario, I acquired my private pilots license and flew some 440 hours (Most of the landings on lakes with a Luscombe) before moving to Ohio in 1992.
  5. I spent 8.5 years in Bangladesh doing member care for several families
  6. I have knitted 3 sweaters, love crossword puzzles, chess, hiking, travel and photography.
  7. Have a lovely wife, two sons, and three grandsons, who are teenagers.
  8. Bengali curries are at the top of my list of favorite foods.
  9. I do remember when the hula hoop was invented, and actually collected a blood specimen from the inventor for analysis, when he was in the hospital!
  10. I learned to use the “slide rule” which was made obsolete with the invention of the calculator.

White-breasted Nuthatch