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A willing subject for me at the Central Shaheed Minar in Dhaka during the Language Martyr’s Day on February 21, 2023

The Tools of the Trade


Diligent Bangla Language Student!!

Diligent Bangla Language Student!!

This is a great spot for portraits.  I was introducing them to their Bangla Language Instructor, and couldn’t resist stopping here for a photo.

You may have noticed I’ve been behind in posting photos.  I had a hard drive crash on my laptop which had Lightroom4 on it (my fav editing and organizing program).  Thus I have to catching up to do.  Many of the photos may only be having some cropping happening but not much editing!

Jon and Fannie!

EKUSHEY FEBRUARY AND INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY.  It is a special day of celebration in Bangladesh (which literally means Bangla Country).   Here I am wearing a punjabi worn by many Bengalis for special occasions.

Note the Bangla script on the sign in the background!

Day 264

ALICE UTILIZING HER BANGLA IN A CONVERSATION WITH this Bengali lady who is processing some harvested rice.

Day 130

HERE IS SOME OF THE TASTY CURRIED CHICKEN THAT was served at Shudipto’s wedding reception last Sunday evening at the Party Place in Dhaka near the Police Line.  I arrived early, since I hadn’t judge exactly the time to get to that area of the city.  I arrived with a camera, so the guys at the entrance asked me something and I said sure.  They had been talking to fast in Bangla and I didn’t totally catch it.  They then took me up to the Party Place and down the back to the basement where they were cooking all the food for the reception!

Day 96

BANGLA WRITING:  At least five evenings a week, Dustin reads either a Bangla story or a portion of the Bible and we write the Bangla script.

The results for the dictation exercise assessment I mentioned earlier were announced.  I did pass, though the score hasn’t been finalized!

An example of some of my writing during dictation practice at home.