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Antique Lures

Street-side oil service for the rickshaws!



One of many cheesecakes available at a beautiful wedding we attended last weekend!

Bridal Table Arrangement

The bride, a good friend of ours, arranged this plate for me to photograph it! It was a lovely wedding!

Creativity at it’s best! The cherries are icing, as are the strips on top of the pie! And the icing is put on top of many cupcakes! Kudos to the artist!

Thoughtful Gift

A counted-cross-stitch with the date of our marriage hangs gracefully in our bedroom!! Our 50th anniversary is 6 months away, so the gift was in plenty of time to exhibit at that time! A big thank you to the friend who crafted this “Labor of Love!”

Cast Aside

No, it wasn’t my trucking business! 🙂


Seeing these neat boxes for Bocce Balls, brought back many memories! Back in the 80’s or maybe it was the 70’s, the first time I saw this game being played in San Diego! I remember enjoyed a pleasant walk with balmy temps, watching the sailboats, and watching some people playing Bocce. Years later, I did play this game with my Grandsons! It will be interesting to see whether France or Croatia will win the World Cup today! What are some things that are nostalgic for you?  Have a great day!

Feed the Birds


I have been feeding the birds at my home, and where my Mother lives. Watching the birds is a enjoyable hobby.

For a Mother’s Day meal the Father’s did the meal, and this was my contribution! Being married to the world’s best baker, surely gave me an edge in this new endeavor!