Day 272

HERE I AM wearing a suit, for the sake of those who haven’t seen me wearing one, as well as Richard in Michigan who requested this photo.

Day 271

RILEY, OUR YOUNGEST GRANDSON, with his friend Jack!  He loves to play with this dog.  He couldn’t get done saying good-bye to him.  Also, when arriving on the farm, the first thing he did was to say hi to Jack!  We sure do miss you, Riley.

Day 270

TAYLOR, OUR NIECE, sure grew up since we saw her in 2007.   I guess we all are 3 years older, and hopefully wiser!  Oh, by the way, we landed at the airport in Dhaka at 11:40 PM on Thursday the 22nd of September.

Day 269

HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY for sure to Jensen.  Here is a photo of our three grandsons, with Alice, my wife just before they said their good-byes before we returned to Bangladesh.  (L to R) Pruitt-Age 9, Riley-Age 6, Alice-Age 62,  and Jensen-Age 11. Don’t tell Alice I put her age on this blog!

Day 267

HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY TO our grandson, Jensen Isaiah Miller!! Here he is trying to light the candles on his birthday cake.  He decorated the cake.  Of course this birthday celebration was early, since we were leaving for Bangladesh before his birthday.  Sorry, Jensen, Grandma’s calendar says your birthday is not till the 26th!