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Day 260

TODAY I MET KARA AND LUCILLE, our renters.  We are fortunate to have such fine young ladies renting our house.  Sorry, no photo, so I decided to add the below photo.

GRILLED CHICKEN WAS one of the the barbecued delights we enjoyed from John Yoder’s grill.

Day 259

BARBCUED SHRIMP was one of the tasty treats we enjoyed during our stay in the U.S.  These were grilled by John Yoder, with a little of my assistance.  If want to taste some good grillin’ you need to have one of John’s treats, including steak, chicken breasts, etc.

Day 258

THANKS TO OUR FRIENDS, many whom we sat with around fires like this and shared our hearts, cried, and laughed!  Of course sometimes it included hot dogs, smores, etc.

Day 257

A TABLE SPREAD for a special evening meal, which happened quite often in the last 3 months.  Dustin left this morning for Bangladesh.

Day 256

ALICE, MY WIFE, in a vegetable market in Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.

Day 255

DUSTIN, OUR SON pondering his next scrabble move.  If you want some stiff competition, play against him!

Day 254

REUBEN A friend of ours.  Eid Mubarak to my Bengali friends.

Day 253

MY DEAR FRIEND DAVE and his wife Freda.  Thanks for being our friends.  It was sure a pleasure to spend some time with your family.

MY COUSIN MARVIN and his wife Janice enjoying the picnic.

Day 251

NICE FRUIT SALAD which was also very tasty.

Day 250

FRUIT MARKET IN Sarasota, Florida, U.S.A.

Day 249