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The drizzly day turned into a downpour just in time for us to go out! Rickshaw Wallah was prepared with a piece of plastic keeping us quite dry till we arrived at our destination. It did let up by the time we returned. This week we had several short rains, but this is likely the first heavy rain since October!

Lumber Truck

Waste Disposal Truck

School buses from two different companies, with and without scholars! Assuming the one company tries to have a route that takes 10 minutes or less to get the children to school, or just decided on this catchy name! When I went to school “in the good old days,” I pedaled to school!


What is something you learned recently? I learned that after the Partition of India in 1947, current Bangladesh was called East Bengal until 1955 when it was called East Pakistan. I had thought that already in 1947 it was called East Pakistan. We made Bangladesh our home from 2007-2015. There are many rickshaws in the country, a very economical way to get around. posted this info: Bringing colour, creativity and character to the city; and more importantly a means of living to over a million people, there are an estimated 1/2 million rickshaws in Dhaka today (1 rickshaw/140 people). Rickshaw art is considered ‘street art’ literally as it’s only viewable when you’re actually on the streets. You can ride 1/2 mile for 30 taka (0.27 USD).

You can see a little bitt of rickshaw on the back of the rickshaw on the left of the photo.

You can see rickshaw art on the back of the rickshaw in the center. It looks like the fellow on the right is probably advertising for someone and making income, instead of paying to have rickshaw art there!

DPS Ultimate Guide by Publisher: Darren Rowse, who said I should make it available for my friends!

The Ultimate Guide to Street Photography (2022)

Here is some street photography from today on Assad Avenue, Mohammadpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh. The gentleman on the left is my Bengali barber. They are unloading some ice, which they will crush and sell across the street at the Towne Hall Bazaar.


Waiting at the Doha, Qatar airport 16 hrs for our next flight!

The courthouse lawn in Millersburg, Ohio has this display!

Palms at Attention

A beautiful street in Redlands, California!

City Lights

Early morning Nashville cityscape!

Eight O’Clock

Millersburg, Ohio, Courthouse Clock Tower

Heading for the doorway?


Note lone occupant on his mobile!