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Our carving club met at a local shop on Saturday. Here Dave is demonstrating how to simulate on the young man’s carving of a deer. Also a photo of my tools and cup of coffee!

Leather gloves I sewed and did the beadwork on some 30+ years ago. While flying in Northwestern Ontario with a Luscombe in the winter time they were essential! One morning I went to fly home after a meeting, and they said I should wait to go until it warms to 40 degrees below zero!! Brrr! If you didn’t know 40 degrees below zero is the same temp in Celsius and Fahrenheit! Below is the is a phot of the plane (FZA) that I flew for most of the 440 hours I accumulated as a pilot.

Best Wishes in November

The center of a pieced and quilted old handkerchief wall hanging.


Pieced Handkerchief Wallhanging

With Feet


With a head!


Crafted by my mother!


Welcome, Welcome!


What is Your Home Like?

2016-01-20 09.36.28 - Copy

Day 302

RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY  OF THE DHAKA CRAFT BAZAAR held at “The Gallery” in Gulshan 1, Dhaka.  This is a monthly FAIR TRADE festival.  My friend Larry is in the background with the hat on.  He was one of the organizers of this event.

Day 301

WE ATTENDED A CRAFT BAZAAR ORGANIZED BY PROKRITI AND MCC.   They had me wear a “funny” robe and scarf on my head.  Then I played this hand drum like thing.  Of course I got everyone’s attention.  I think they have it on hand to have some fun at the Bazaar Someone commented that they now saw Austin’s Dad (me) acts just like Austin.  I wonder who learned it from who! 🙂  I wondered later if I didn’t even have the robe on backwards!   This was the first of hopefully many more monthly bazaars.  Many organizations brought items from many Bangladesh artisans for sale.  There also was North End Roasters coffee available.  Afterward we went to the A & W restaurant.  A & W root beer is one of Alice’s favorite soft drink.  Myron got some Movenpick ice cream which he thoroughly enjoyed.  We ate the evening meal at Midnight Sun, a Chinese restaurant.  For dessert we ordered ice cream.  At least today Myron had ice cream two times, instead of his normal three times a day when he is on vacation!  Oh, Michelle this post and photo is especially for you! 🙂

Here I am at the Fair Trade Craft Bazaar

Vertical View

                                                Myron, Eileen, Karleen (From Middlefield, Ohio) and Alice enjoying A & W drinks.

Day 17

DOLLS FOR SALE on the streets of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Day 280

CARPETS THAT WERE MADE AT AN MCC project in Myemsingh, Bangladesh.  Alice and I had a very nice tour with Austin, and others, visiting many of the projects in Mymensingh, as well as the Taizi Brother’s chapel.