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And Valleys

September 18, 1966 I met my dear wife, Alice in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, at the beginning of our freshman year of college! Now married 50 years, we look back and see mountains and valleys which we crossed. What a wonderful journey!!!

The song which somewhat depicts our romantic beginnings!

To continue this journey we are leaving Friday morning for NYC, and then flying to Rome on Saturday evening for a 9 day cruise, visiting Italy, Greece and some Greek Islands. Thanks, Alice for letting me journey through life with you!!!!!

P.S. The above photos were taken on the Neiderhorn, in Switzerland in 2013.

One of the reasons it took us 7 hours for a 26 mile drive to a village!

Thinking of you, Anna, as I was walking through Dhaka, Bangladesh!

Also thinking of you, Marcus!!


Istanbul Early Morning Traffic

Omelets in the Making




Security Issues and More

Dropped my Drawers in Istanbul

In trying to secure a voucher for overnight in a hotel in Istanbul I had to go through security! Something in my pocket triggered the alarm. So I needed to be wanded!! Like a submissive traveler I raised my arms for the wanding! Presto, my pants dropped to the floor due to the missing belt!! The lady in security tried hard to suppress her laughter behind her hand but it didn’t work. The security officer continued to wand me, after which I pulled up my pants, and headed for the bin to get my belt!! Fortunately, I had left Canton, Ohio in the bitter cold, and still had my long johns on!! Upon returning through security again with my wife, they were delighted to meet the wife of this “gentleman” who had given them a break from the routine!! Needless to say, this time they didn’t ask me to take off my belt!

Altercations” with the Police

When leaving Dhaka on a plane for Cox’s Bazar in southern Bangladesh, I was clicking away with my camera, photos of the plane, etc. Immediately the police told me I could not take photos?! As I put my camera away, I proceeded to the plane surrounded by many other passengers taking selfies of themselves with the plane! Hazards of an SLR!

When leaving the Hotel in Istanbul for the airport, I was taking photos of the city sites. Soon, at a stop, the driver of the shuttle suggested I sit in the front passenger seat so I could take better photos. Included on my bucket list was a photo of the Name of the airport at the entrance! I clicked away, and got one last photo taken, but had not “holstered” my camera fast enough! We were pulled over by the Airport police. He wanted to see the photos in my camera. The shuttle driver argued with them but finally I agreed to show them the photos I had taken. One by one, as he watched and approved, I deleted the last 4-5 photos, which were of the sign to the entrance to airport!?!

Other Tidbits

Dhaka Snippets

Met a fellow for breakfast who stayed up all night so as not to miss the meeting. He thought he could sleep the rest of the day to catch up on his sleep. The plan didn’t work, as I waited 45 minutes for him to arrive, since he had fallen asleep an hour before we were to meet! “Best laid plans of mice and men!” Not sure who wrote this quote!

One morning at this same restaurant, I had my morning breakfast of dal and bhaji ordered, and had bowed my head for a silent prayer for the food! Thankful for the chance to have this breakfast one more time, since our plane was scheduled for a later departure of at least five hours. As I am praying I hear the waiter talking to me! He was thinking I was scrutinizing the dal and bhaji to make sure I had gotten what I had ordered! Dal and bhaji is a combo of curried lentil beans, and vegetables!

American Airports

Missed our connecting flight in Chicago, so had a voucher for a motel. Waited for the shuttle, but likely he was full, as I ran out in the blustery, snowy cold, to flag him down, yelling, “Super 8” as loud as I could. We were dressed for Bangladesh so not ready for the blowing snow and cold! When the shuttle returned the next time, 45 minutes later, we had gone into the terminal again to prevent frostbite! This time we caught the shuttle before it left. Fortunately, there were seats left in the van. Upon arriving at the motel, the driver opened the door, and I jumped out. Alice was going to step down, but due to cold feet, or some other reason, she fell out of the van into the arms of the shuttle driver. He said, “Caught you!” It felt good to get into a bed, instead of sleeping at the airport, as the other option!

Arriving in Canton we were sitting there waiting for our luggage, I decided to return a call to my Aunt, who had left a voice message! As I started the phone conversation I had an urge coming over me. I ran over to a trash can right behind a post! Alice thought I was trying to get better phone reception! In reality, while my Aunt was waiting for me to continue the conversation, I barfed four big barfs into the trash can! Alice said she thought on the flight to Canton, I hadn’t been myself! 🙂

I will likely post again including the many good things that happened during this one month vacation!

Speeding through the city at 6 am, going through red lights, like they were tissue paper. On a rare occasion the the CNG driver eased into the intersection treating it as a flashing yellow light!  I probably reached my destination in 20 minutes! At 10:00 it was a different story. Leaving Old Dhaka on a bus, we inched along, taking close to an hour to get within rickshaw distance of our apartment. The CNG ride cost me 350 taka ($4.40 U.S.D.) since I didn’t have the correct amount, and he didn’t have the right change! The bus ride cost me 25 taka (.30 USD), and then a 5 minute rickshaw ride for 20 taka (.25 USD). All in all it was a great morning with a nice photowalk with TTLers at the Saderghat Launch Terminal, followed by a nice breakfast of dal, porota, and cha!!