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My grandson knows I love Cha! I suspect most every day for 7 years, I had at least one cup of cha, while in Bangladesh. At my grandson’s grad party it was being offered as one of the hot drinks!  If I would have shut my eyes, I could have imagined myself in Dhaka. It was a similar feeling I had when eating the delightful chicken curry, my daughter-in-law prepared for the party! I confess, I stayed away from the delicious assortment of cookies my dear wife baked, though I indulged in the cheese and meat she so nicely arranged on a plate! And the spicy hot cheese ball was excellent! The loaves of French my wife baked were also a hit, of course with different choices of jam, including strawberry.

Cha (Bengali Tea)


A Mixture of Sugar, Tea, and Sweetened Condensed Milk

One of my early morning pleasures in Bangladesh

Drinking Tea Together!

Happy Birthday!

Soon I’ll be in the land where coffee is the preferred morning hot drink (U.S.A). But until then I will enjoy my morning cup of “Cha (Milk tea with sugar and sweetened condensed milk) while in Bangladesh!”  Yum, Yum! I actually had both coffee and cha this morning and I am ready for the day.



This is what I see as I am waiting for the tea stand to have the first morning cup of tea ready in Mymensingh!

These nice cool mornings (75 degrees F)  make this tea very inviting.  These streetside stands make as good a tea as you can get anywhere in the world!!

Flames licking the teapot in prep for a delicious cup of cha!

While doing some street  photography I captured these guys in animated conversation in front of a construction site.  They eventually went to a tea stand, and had a cup of wonderful Bengali style tea!!  They then returned to the car and drove off.

They have each others attention!

Having a good time!

Alice and Rosanna!

While the parents were at the hospital Candace and Chayla spent 36 hours with us!  I took them to a tea stand on our street and then to a playing field near our apartment building.  I kind took the place of their real Grandpas as best as I could. Their little brother, Carver Tate was born at 9:07 pm on June 25.