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Jannat Hotel sign (my fav restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh!
Dhud Cha (milk tea)
Dal/Bhagi, Nan ruti, and salad(4 slices of cucumber and a hot pepper)!


After a morning walk with my wife, and a soccer match, I had my favorite breakfast of Nan riding and dal/bhaji at the Jannat Hotel (restaurant).

Nice Bengali Meal

A special treat from our hostess!

I miss this breakfast!



This would be a great t-shirt for most Asian people!

Rice and Lentils

Feeding the Face

Hands plucking the ruti

Dal/bhaji grabbed by the bread

Hunger subsiding


Rajasthani Thali


Here I am at my favorite “hotel” (local eatery) enjoying some dal, bhaji, and nan ruti, which is typical 6-7 mornings per week.

Typical Morning-3716

Day 91

IN THE KITCHEN HEATING UP SOME DAL, BHAJI, AND NAN RUTI for our breakfast.  It is my favorite breakfast!