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During the Holy Month of Ramadan most tea stalls and restaurants hang tarps for privacy for those that need to eat and drink. Rickshaw Wallahs work hard and need their energy, and there are people of other religions that do not fast during this time.

Tea Stall on Asad Avenue

marlandphotos-blog-rickshaw wallah-Ramadan

Tea Stall in Iqbal Rdmarlandphotos-blog-photography-Dhaka-Ramadan

Hotel on Asad Avenuemarlandphotos-blog-photography-fasting-Dhaka-Ramadan


Our house helper invited us and Craig’s to the Bihari camp for an Iftar meal! This is the meal that is used to break the daily fast during the Holy month of Ramadan.

Piaju, Alu Chop, Beguni, Dates, Mangoes, Pineapple, and Bhut, etc. provided a tasty way to break the fast.

Day 241

BENGALIS BEHIND CURTAIN NOT OBSERVING THE FAST. Typically rickshaw wallahs and other physical labor workers  eat so they can continue working.  I think today was actually one of the hottest days in August.  I decided to use this photo since today is the last day of Ramadan.  Today is a busy shopping day in the city.  Again this morning saw 30 some cows going down the street at the back side of the Parliament Building at 5:35 am!  At the one supermarket there were at least 10 people in each of 5 lines.  One fellow told me to go to the line clear at the far side.  I got there with my 8 items.  Soon I see it was a line for people with 5 items or less!  I only had 3 kinds of things, maybe that helps?  I didn’t argue since I had a rickshaw waiting.  I had told him 5-10 minutes, but with the masses of people doing their pre-Eid shopping the supermarket was packed.  The new moon was sighted before dark this evening so Ramadan is over and tomorrow is the Eid-ul-Fitr h0liday.  People really celebrate the evening before Eid.