BENGALIS BEHIND CURTAIN NOT OBSERVING THE FAST. Typically rickshaw wallahs and other physical labor workers  eat so they can continue working.  I think today was actually one of the hottest days in August.  I decided to use this photo since today is the last day of Ramadan.  Today is a busy shopping day in the city.  Again this morning saw 30 some cows going down the street at the back side of the Parliament Building at 5:35 am!  At the one supermarket there were at least 10 people in each of 5 lines.  One fellow told me to go to the line clear at the far side.  I got there with my 8 items.  Soon I see it was a line for people with 5 items or less!  I only had 3 kinds of things, maybe that helps?  I didn’t argue since I had a rickshaw waiting.  I had told him 5-10 minutes, but with the masses of people doing their pre-Eid shopping the supermarket was packed.  The new moon was sighted before dark this evening so Ramadan is over and tomorrow is the Eid-ul-Fitr h0liday.  People really celebrate the evening before Eid.