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Two launches loaded with passengers at Sadargat on the Buriganga near Old Dhaka.

Homeward Bound!


I better mention that today is my birthday, so I’m starting my 65th year!

Day 243

ALICE WITH SOME OF HALIM’S NIECES AND FRIENDS on the way to buy some ice cream.  Alice and I had been invited to Halim’s house to celebrate Eid-ul-Fitr, yesterday.


EID MUBARAK TO ALL MY MUSLIM FRIENDS!  Ramadan is over, and back to a normal eating and sleeping schedule.  Of course this is after a day of celebrating today!  Going to a friend’s house, or inviting someone over for an Eid meal.  A special day with special people and with some special food.  Read more about this holiday at:  http://islam.about.com/od/ramadan/f/eid_fitr.htm

Day 241

BENGALIS BEHIND CURTAIN NOT OBSERVING THE FAST. Typically rickshaw wallahs and other physical labor workers  eat so they can continue working.  I think today was actually one of the hottest days in August.  I decided to use this photo since today is the last day of Ramadan.  Today is a busy shopping day in the city.  Again this morning saw 30 some cows going down the street at the back side of the Parliament Building at 5:35 am!  At the one supermarket there were at least 10 people in each of 5 lines.  One fellow told me to go to the line clear at the far side.  I got there with my 8 items.  Soon I see it was a line for people with 5 items or less!  I only had 3 kinds of things, maybe that helps?  I didn’t argue since I had a rickshaw waiting.  I had told him 5-10 minutes, but with the masses of people doing their pre-Eid shopping the supermarket was packed.  The new moon was sighted before dark this evening so Ramadan is over and tomorrow is the Eid-ul-Fitr h0liday.  People really celebrate the evening before Eid.