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My wife and I were walking at sunrise this morning, but it wasn’t raining! Will go out to eat this afternoon, and will likely order lobster, instead of biscuits and gravy! 🙂 Looking forward to another sweet year with my college sweetheart!!!

My wife made my day very special!  I came home from a taxi run at Noon, which meant we went out to eat for lunch instead of breakfast!  As we were leaving, I mentioned that the lawn looked like it didn’t need mowing!  In the morning it was dewy, and I decided I should put mowing the lawn on my list of activities! It was a puzzle to me, until my sweetheart mentioned that she had mowed the lawn while I was gone! She surely got me that time! Thanks heaps, and looking forward to many more years together!


Almost 50 years, since she “knocked me off of my feet!”


This is my 1800th post, so I decided to give a tribute to my wonderful wife, who has been a faithful supporter of my photography hobby.  In fact since I had pulled out my life savings ($55 USD), when we got married in 1969, I couldn’t afford the camera I wanted so she paid for it!! It was a Mamiya/Sekor SLR! She had been working for a year and had some income, so I married “into money!” 🙂   It hasn’t been the last time she has bought me equipment. Thanks, Darling for hanging in there with me!!


No, I didn’t buy these beautiful roses! They were on the table at the Restaurant in Siliguri where we had a snack before catching the bus for our journey back to Bangladesh.

marlandphotos-blog-photography-Sweetheart-SupporterThanks heaps to my wonderful wife of almost 45 years!