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Away from the Crowds

Naples Couple


And Valleys

September 18, 1966 I met my dear wife, Alice in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, at the beginning of our freshman year of college! Now married 50 years, we look back and see mountains and valleys which we crossed. What a wonderful journey!!!

The song which somewhat depicts our romantic beginnings!

To continue this journey we are leaving Friday morning for NYC, and then flying to Rome on Saturday evening for a 9 day cruise, visiting Italy, Greece and some Greek Islands. Thanks, Alice for letting me journey through life with you!!!!!

P.S. The above photos were taken on the Neiderhorn, in Switzerland in 2013.

2017 Finishes Up

I don’t remember whether we ever walked together in the rain, but we sure walked many miles together! Thanks, to my dear wife for being by my side through another great year! Lots of precious memories!


My wife made my day very special!  I came home from a taxi run at Noon, which meant we went out to eat for lunch instead of breakfast!  As we were leaving, I mentioned that the lawn looked like it didn’t need mowing!  In the morning it was dewy, and I decided I should put mowing the lawn on my list of activities! It was a puzzle to me, until my sweetheart mentioned that she had mowed the lawn while I was gone! She surely got me that time! Thanks heaps, and looking forward to many more years together!


Day 259

45 WONDERFUL YEARS AGO I MET MY DARLING WIFE IN the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia!!!!  Busy packing for a trip to Calcutta, India, so I’m reusing this photo for this special day!

Day 165

YESTERDAY WAS A FULL DAY as we celebrated our 42nd wedding anniversary.  We walked for 45 minutes at 4:45 am.  At 6:45 I played 2 hours of tennis, followed by a nice breakfast.  Was back home in time to go to Coffee World to celebrate with Dustin and Alice.  We were celebrating our anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Alice’s birthday which is coming up in 4 days.  Home in time for a nap before supper.  Supper was left-overs!  Of course the left0vers were mashed potatoes and steak!  I must confess it is the best steak in Dhaka, since my wife knows how to cook up a terrific swiss steak.  I then went shopping for some things Alice wanted before our trip and also bought 20 red roses, which she really enjoyed.  Then after shopping I had a few minutes before we went to Jeremy’s for A & W root beer floats.  This is one of our favorite drinks!  It was very thoughtful of them to fix these for us.  Then it was home to bed.  Today was almost as fast and furious.  A friend who had borrowed my camera returned it at 8:20 pm, in plenty of time for our 5:30 am departure for the train station.  Almost a week in Syhlet, Bangladesh and then on into India, staying near Cherrapungee for several days.