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Santa (Jim) has been visiting this family for a long time. Santa brought gifts to the Mother of this home when she was a little girl! Like Santa said, “That was a long time ago.” He said he can’t afford to visit all the children of the children of the first family he visited, but he visits at least this family and one other one, because he kind of took a liking to them. The same has happened to me. Maybe biased, since the children say I am their favorite taxi driver!

Philipp Wellstein's Grandmother

My dear wife had fun shopping in Basel, Switzerland!  We are now in America.  We didn’t have room in our suitcases to get a  bar for all of you, but some of you will be the lucky ones!

Shopping at Migros!

Shopping at Migros!

2012 Day 10

ON JANUARY 8 WE HAD “CHRISTMAS IN JANUARY” FOR SOME OF OUR FRIEND’S CHILDREN.  I guess that’s what happens when Grandmas are separated from their own grandchildren!

A Stuffed Lady Bug!